Our vision

"To create a more mindful and compassionate world, through the life-affirming practices of yoga and meditation."

SoHo stands for 'Soul Home'. We have two unique, boutique yoga spaces in Ascot & Grange on Brisbane's north side where everyone feels welcome, and anyone can take time out to nurture the soul.

In this crazy world where we’re always on, always in demand and constantly multi-tasking, SoHo Yoga invites you to switch off from the outside world for a while and come home to your inner-self. Make time to relax, recharge and restore the body, mind and spirit.

Most of our regular classes are 75 minutes to allow plenty of time for centering and relaxation at the beginning and end of each class, as well as a complete asana (physical) practice incorporating a wide range of yoga postures to ensure you get the maximum benefit from each class.

You'll leave with a calmer, clearer mind, and a stronger, more flexible body.

I approached starting yoga with the hope that it would help me feel physically better & fitter. It did that but the additional aspects such as the breathing, meditation & philosophy provided so much more. I will definitely be continuing my practice.”
— Sally Lyon, Founding SoHo Yoga Member